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Napisał Hindus   
czwartek, 02 marzec 2006
Hello. This site isn't made in English, but I wanted to allow foreigners to download some of my maps. So I wrote that short instruction what, how and where to install. If there are any language mistakes - I'm sorry for them :)

First of all, short introduction.

The "Trasa SKM" is a realistic map which shows Polish railroad in Pomerania. It leads from Wejherowo (low-resolution photo from GoogleMaps) to Gdansk (high-resolution photo from GoogleMaps). Main traffic on this line is made by local passanger trains, but there are InterCity Express and freight trains too. Passenger EMU's (Check what that means @ Wikipedia) EN57, EN71 and EW58 are mainly used on this line.

Now, something just about the map (SKM 1.2):

  • It is ~10 km long and leads from Wejherowo to Rumia.
  • Portals on ends of line generates AI-drived units.
  • There are Diesel Maneuver Locomotive, known as SM42 and some freight cars on side-track in Wejherowo. There are also some industries in the area, so local freight traffic is possible. You can choose between driving EMU, ICE or SM42.

    What should you download

    How to install?
      Downloaded map includes everything except trains and Church_1942 building. Just double-click the green icon after opening the ZIP file and follow the instructions.

      Gallery is available here.

      Any questions? Send me an email

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